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Welcome to Southwest Wisconsin

Taken from the Offical 2004 Visitors Guide:
Welcome to God's Country.

Vernon County is Wisconsin's Undiscovered Country. The area lies deep in the heart of Wisconsin's Hidden Valleys. It is a place so quiet and beautiful, it's no wonder we call it God's Country. www.visitvernoncounty.

As you travel the country roads of Vernon County, be on the lookout for one of the 12 historic round barns that stand as living monuments to our agricultural heritage. Vernon County is home to more of these unique structures than any other county in the United States.
Vernon County is also the home to Wisconsin's largest Amish community. The Amish culture is based on traditional values and methods of production. They do not use electricity and often power their mills and machinery with steam. Horse-drawn buggies are now a common sight on county roads, while teams of massive draft horses pull the plows and other implements in Amish fields.

Throughout Vernon County, you'll find clean, pleasant communities that are proud of their heritage, their history and their values.


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