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I have had numerous students ask me about the benefits of copying other paintings done by other painters. I believe it to be a very helpful practice and a great way to learn and better understand my own procedures.

Joquin Sorolla Copy 24" x 30". I actually went to Madrid in October of 2022 and spent over a week at Sorolla's Studio studying his work. What a treat that was! This was done back at my studio upon my return.

Edgar Payne Copy 24" x 30"

Working on copy with original on hand.

Joaquin Sorolla Copy "Peppers" 18" x 24"

Peppers Larger Image

Nicolai Fechin Copy 16" x 12"

William Wendt Copy "To Mountain Heights and Beyond" 12" x 16"

William Wendt Copy "Gentle Evening Bendeth" 12" X 14" Inprogress

Irving Ramsey Wiles Copy 12" x 13"

Anders Zorn Copy 16" X 11"

Melton Fisher Copy

John Singer Sargent Watercolor Copy

More to be posted

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