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    Madrid, Spain - October 2022

This trip to Madrid was made in order to study the work of Joaquin Sorolla in his home and studio in Madrid, as well as studying the work of Diego Velazquez at the Prado.

As expected the trip was incredibly inspirational. Seeing their work in person was truly a sight to behold and many lessons have been learned and will be drawn from for many years to come as I move forward in my own career.

Was delighted to have my daughter MiAe join me on this wonderful excursion.

Spent many days in this room.

"Valencian Venus", changed to "The Pink Robe"

Sorolla was known for using some really long big brushes.

Madam Sorolla, Clotilde Garcia del Castillo, the woman behind this wonderfully preserved home and studio.

Finally met Diego Velazquez.

Sketching a Sorolla painting at the Prado.

Was not granted permission to paint in Sorolla's garden so had to set up right outside the entrance.

Painting outside of the Prado.

Sketching in the garden.

Inspired my daughter MiAe to join me in sketching. : )

Seeing that this trip was all about studying Sorolla's work I decided to only do a few Watercolors versus the usual oils.

One last stroll in the garden.

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